Friday, June 29, 2007

Lesson of the Day!

Today I learned that when you get your eyese dilated you cant see for hours after! I went to see the eye specialist today so he could make sure the Sarcoidosis isnt in my eyes. He checks my eyes and everything looks good but he tells me he wants to dilate my eyes so he can really make sure. Ok fine. No big deal. HA! Everything was fine till I stepped out into the burning sunlight! So now my eyes are burning and tearing and I can barely see the parking lot. I get in the car, find 2 pairs of sunglasses to put on over my regular glasses. Still not helping. I have both sun shades down. So I figure ok its not far to the house. OMG what a nightmare! We make it home and I figure it will just take a bit to go back to normal and then I can get out to finish my errands. We'll it took almost 5 hours for my eye sight to return!!!!!!

So anyway that was my last doctor appointment for now. I have to watch for any eye issues...redness, infection etc and see a doctor right away if that happens. Basically now I am just at a point of monitoring the disease. Going about my business and notifying the doctor id there are any changes or new symptoms.

Yesterday I went to visit my local scrap store. They had been closed for a while due to terrible flooding so they had their grand re-opening this week. Got some very cool new papers and stuff. I hae been collecting old family photo's so I got some scrap stuff to match them.

Here is one of the pictures. This is my great grandmother holding my grandma on my Dad's side of the family. I love these pictures! I'm working on a family history scrapbook so Im excited to have this new pic to add.
The nasty, gross humidity seems to have moved along for a bit so hopefully we can get a lot done outside this weekend. Just not as much fun gardening when its 500 degrees outside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Feet!

Very cute movie! We saw it at the movie theater this morning. Gavin already saw it when it first came out with my mom but this was my first time seeing it. it was nice to sit and relax in the air conditioned theater!

So I think I am almost ready for vacation. Got the dresses that I need for the wedding stuff. Just need to get my oil changed, give my car a good detailing and buy snacks for the drive down.

I've been playing around with the Macro lens in the garden. Still need a ton of practice but the pictures are coming out better.

So since it is sooooooooo hot and gross out today I think I will turn on Gavin's new sprinkler for him and I will wash the car.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy Weekend!

Saturday we went to a 1st birthday party for our cousin Madilyn. They were visiting from Kansas so this was our first time meeting Madilyn. What a cutie!!! It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. Nice to catch up with family and see what everyone has been up to.
Sunday we spent the day shopping. We leave for Savannah next week and really needed to get things done. Mike needed a suit and I needed to look for a dress.
Ended up finding a great dress in the second store we went to! WOHOOOO! Now to find shoes.....
SO we got a lot accomplished. I just have to finish shopping for the little, jewelry, a tie for Gavin.

Nothing major planned for this week. I see the eye specialist on Friday and hopefully that will be my last doctors appointment for a while.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sarcoidosis Update.....

So I went back to the Pulmonologist yesterday to discuss the results of my lung function test and for a check up to see how the disease is progressing. He said people with Sarcoid in the lungs don't usually have a normal test. I did!!! My test result came back normal. That means the Sarcoid hasn't caused any scarring in my lungs. So that means no Prednisone! WOHOOOOO!
I still have the weird red bumps on my shins and arms. Still have the tightness in my chest and the dry cough. Doctor said there is no real way to know when those things will go away. Some people a couple months, some a year, some always have the symptoms. He said the 2 things I need to watch out for are kidney stones as I am more prone to them now and also Bronchitis.
So basically I need to monitor my symptoms. If anything gets worse or I start having any other problems I need to go see the doctor. Otherwise I have to go back in a year to get another chest xray.
I still have to see the eye specialist next week to check my eyes and if there are symptoms those need to be treated.
So hopefully that means that the lifestyle changes and supplements I have been taking are helping.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School's out for Summer!

Today was Gavin's last day of Kindergarten. I can't believe how fast the year went by. Apparently there is no more Kindergarten graduation. Very sad! I was looking forward to the little ceremony that I remeber having. So I bought him a new sprinkler and we had dinner out to celebrate.
I'm really tired today. My chest hurts. It hurts to take a breath. I really try my best to stay active and push myself. Today I cut the grass and between the chest pain and the heat it did me in. Im exhausted! Tomorrow I see the Pulmonary Specialist to discuss the results of my breathing tests and to see how the Sarcoid is progressing. Im really hoping that it isnt any worse.
The kitchen floor is looking awesome! Im really excited to see the finished product!
I've been busy planning our trip to Savannah in a couple weeks. I am soooo excited to see my cousins again. I've never been to Savannah and Im looking forward to it. I have a trip to Paula Dean's resturant planned. I love her show! On the way home we are going to visit an old friend from grammer school. She moved away when we were in the 7th grade but we have kept in touch. We got to visit her last year on our way to Myrtle Beach and we will get to visit again this year. It will be nice to catch up with her and her family.
Tomorrow I am on the hunt for a gazebo for the deck since I cant be out in the sun.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there!
We started the new kitchen floor yesterday. The kitchen is getting an awesome spring cleaning as we had to move the fridge and stove. My stove, bakers rack and kitchen table and chairs are now in the middle of my dining room. The floor is about half done and its coming out really nice. I cant wait to see the finished product.
Last night we went to a graduation party for a friend in town. Good to relax and spend some time with friends. Today we hung out here working on the tiles. Of course since the stove is in the middle of the dining room we had to go out to eat. Gavin thought Friday's was a good place for a Father's Day dinner so that's where we went. Mike and I ordered Frozen Margaritas. Love those! They have a great Pomegranate flavor. So they bring out this giant glass and I take about 2 sips. Gavin reaches across the table and...SMASH! Drink tips and shoots shards of glass all over the place. Floor, table, food, my lap, my arm, my hand. The glass shattered into tiny pieces. SO I go to the bathroom to wash the glass off my arm and rinse my bleeding finger. I return and the hostess brings me this enormous electric blue bandage. Ummm yea thanks.
Of course it didn't help that I think our waiter was drunk! He cleared the table and forgot to bring back new forks, he lost the take home food from the table next to us, and he screamed every thing he had to say. Really screamed. So it was a very eventful meal. After that disaster we stopped at the ice cream shoppe. I had a cappachino caramel crunch that was soooooooo good! Now it is home to relax.
2 more days of school! I am really looking forward to the break from rushing around in the morning to get to the bus stop.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The information super highway....

So when Im stressed I research. I research until my brain is ready to explode. I want to know everything there is to know about whatever subject is of interest that day. Today was a google day. I found information on hotels for vacation, going to college, scrapbooking, where to buy a stupid Webkinz animal, anti-inflammatory diets. I like answers. I like to know.
Gavin and I went on a search for a Webkinz today. He wanted one so that he could go online to the dot com as he puts it. He is now the proud owner of Ranger the Chihauhua.

Hopefully we will get to start the new kitchen floor this weekend. I'm excited to see what it will look like when its done. Trying to get the old vinyl floor to look good is pretty much a lost cause. Tomorrow night we have a graduation party. It will be good to get out and hang out with friends.
2 more days of school! I cant believe that Gavin will be finishing Kindergarten! We are going to join the beach for the summer so it will be great to wake up late and spend the afternoon hanging out by the lake.
I actually took out my scrapbooking and started a new project! Haven't worked on anything in months so it really felt good to get back into it.
I am off to figure out what is for dinner.......

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Say What?????

So i finally decided that I need a venting place. These past few weeks have been one big blur of doctor visits, tests, and emotions. I went in to have a minor surgery 2 months ago. I was having a lump removed from my upper lip. It was bothersome and I was worried about skin cancer. The doctor called about a week later with the biopsy results. No cancer but we believe you have something called Sarcoidosis. You will need to see your doctor. EXCUSE ME??????
So I make an appointment immediatly to see my family doctor. Thus began the wirlwind of tests and doctor visits. Blood work and chest x ray confirm the biopsy results of Sarcoidosis.
Fast forward to today. Ive decided not to take the prednisone and see what happens. I'm taking some vitamin supplements, working on following an anti-inflammatory diet, etc. I just got back from having an Aortic Ultrasound done to check for heart problems so Im a little worried about that one.
Problem here is I just dont know how to be positive. I want to crawl into bed and never get out. What made God think that I was the kind of person that could handle this? There are good days and bad days. I have no answers. How did I get this? Will it go away? Will I die from it?
I'm scared. Im confused. I cant think. So I have decided to empty my ramblings here. Maybe it will help the fog in my brain.