Monday, August 27, 2007

Looking both ways is not optional......

As children our parents were always telling us to look both ways before we crossed the street. Somehow once those same children get a drivers license they forget that rule. If you are going to pull out onto a main street you must look both ways for oncoming traffic. Otherwise this happens.......

Lucky for this girl, Mike saw her coming so she just clipped the tail end of the car. No people were hurt in the making of this accident. Just a busted tail light, a small dent and a bunch of scratches.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Butterfly Garden....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Toothless grin....

Gavin lost his first tooth last night! He has been waiting for this day forever. Some of his friends started losing teeth over a year ago and he has been asking the dentist why his wont fall out.

He's been wiggling the tooth for days now and last night finally did it. It finally fell out while he was in his room and he got so excited he dropped the tooth on the floor. Let me tell you baby teeth are not easy to find on carpet. So he went to bed last night with the tooth placed carefully under his pillow for the tooth fairy.

Very exciting day for him!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Gonna go out and play some golf.....

So my child apparently feels that he should be a pro golfer after 5 minutes at the driving range. Nothing like standing outside in the 500 degree sun and listening to a child get mad because his golf ball isn't going as far as the men that are hitting it next to him.

The miniature golf was way more fun! That was yesterday's activity. Did some yard work, played some golf and went food shopping.

My dad came over Saturday to help us get rid of the 2 trees that fell. Both trees are on the ground and cut into logs!

Oh and the most exciting thing....My 4 year old dishwasher has decided it no longer wants to clean dishes. I swear I will never buy another Fridgidaire appliance ever again!

So I am off to empty the dishwasher into the sink and handwash everything......

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If a tree falls in your yard......

At 4 AM does it make a loud enough sound to scare you out of bed? Hell yes! So last year I thought I was going to be deaf in one ear after a tree outside our bedroom window got struck by lightening. We left the tree and it seemed to be ok except for a few dead limbs.

Well last night we had this really nasty rain storm. Thunder and lightening that sounded like it was on the roof of the house. All of a sudden I head this loud crack! Look out the bedroom window and the lightening tree is coming down!

The wind was so strong it broke the tree right in half and its headed straight for the back deck. There was nothing we could do but hope that it doesnt land right smack in the middle of the new gazebo we just put up. Tree starts to fall but gets stuck on another tree. Thank goodness for that tree! It broke the fall and caused the tree to fall right down the middle of the back yard. Just missed the swingset and the deck. Of course it also broke the whole top of the other tree and now that is hanging in the air and also needs to be cut.

So I have now made a giant pot of coffee in the hopes that it will help my sleep deprivation. Just when you thought you had no big projects for the upcoming weekend.....HA HA HA!

See the branches by the deck railing? Thats how close the stupid thing came to smashing my new tent!
The tree is laying across about 50 feet of my back yard.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Zoo Crew

Thursday we spent the day at the Bronx Zoo. It was rediculously hot but we had a good time.

Saw some really cool animals. Even saw a Stork! I have never seen a real stork and was sort of suprised at how big they are in real life. Of course Carrie reminded me that Duh they have to be big in order to carry the babies!
They have changed the butterfly exhibit since the last time we were there. The house is a lot smaller and I didnt think there were as many butterflies. The gardens and outside displays are beautiful though.

That zoo is definitly one of my favorites. Tons of very cool exhibits! The sea lions even swam around and did tricks for everyone!